World Institute For Hinduism

jñānameva parā śaktiḥ - Knowledge Alone is the Greatest Strength

World Institute for Hinduism (WISH) is a non-profit progressive educational institution, operated by the The Hindu Hub Limited (Singapore). It was a vision conceived in 2014 and realised in 2016.

WISH is a traditional learning centre with a modern outlook. Its sole endeavour is to ensure Hinduism is preserved through academic education to all without any barriers. The curriculum at WISH has been designed by traditional Hindu educators who have been teaching the Hindu Community for more than 10 years.

WISH aims to continue the tradition of the Hindu Rishis in the spirit of Samvada, a respectful dialogue between the teacher and learner with the sole aim of acquiring knowledge. The lessons are delivered with positivity and promotes a culture of dialogic learning as opposed to an authoritative teaching. At WISH, meaningful conversations are created for learning and the educators play the role of Learning Facilitators.

To be the World's Premier Learning Centre that provides exceptional education in the Hindu faith.

  • Our History

    Hindu education has always been within the four walls of South Asian Departments in Universities around the world or in the open and welcoming space of Spiritual institutions called Ashrams.

  • Director's Message

    WISH was an idea conceived in 2012 as response to a severe lack of private educational institutions that taught Hinduism. In 2015 we decided to take steps forward to realise this dream as we were growing healthily over the last two years.

  • Our Learning Environment

    All our classes will be delivered via online platform with the exception of Singapore residents and others who opt for an intensive camp at their country of residence.

  • Join Us

    We are always on the lookout for Part-Time lecturers and teachers around the world to deliver our programs either online or at a location at their country of residence. Appointments may be up to 1 year at a time.


Management Team

Our management team consists of experienced members who have been involved in Hindu Community organisations and Hinduism teaching for many years.

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