Admission into WiSH Programs

Admission into WiSH Programs

Basic Requirements:

An applicant to Certificate & Diploma programs must have at least a GCE 'O' level pass (high School certificate) with at least five passes or would be required to write a Personal Statement upon which an interview would be arranged to assess eligibility.

Applicants for the Bachelor's Program must have earned a Diploma from a College, Polytechnic or Community School.

Admission to Master and Doctoral Programs are administered by the Hindu University of America.

An applicant to the Master’s or Doctoral degree programs must have earned a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university, based on 12 years of schooling followed by a four year undergraduate program or equivalent, in any area - Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, etc. Admission to Doctoral Programs: Students may be admitted directly to the Doctoral program, when they meet the admission requirements to IVHU's (Bachelor's Degree with 6 credits of Philosophy/Religion courses) and the admission committee approves such admission; or they could register for the Master’s program and transfer their registration to the Doctoral program after taking a few courses, or after completing the requirements for the Master's degree.


Tuition & Fees

Tuition, fees and other charges are paid prior to the admission. Current rates are as follows: (Tuition and other fees are subject to change. Latest policy and fee schedule will be applicable at the time of admission and registration)

Admission Application Fee
USD$25.00 (non-refundable)

Tuition costs
Current tuition rates are –

1. Certificate Courses: USD$300
2. Diploma Courses: USD$1200
3. Degree Programs: USD$2400
4. Masters and Doctoral Degree: USD$150 per credit

Other Expenses
It is the responsibility of a student to spend money on purchase of relevant texts and study materials as these are not included in the tuition costs. An estimate of the cost of the text and other needed materials is available from the respective departments upon request. For extensive hand-out material, instructors may charge extra based on the expense involved.

Other Fees
Graduation fee USD$100 (same for all students)


Payment Procedure


1. To Pay to WISH: All payments, through checks, Bank Transfers or money orders only in a bank in Singapore, should be in the name of ‘The Hindu Hub Limited’, mailed to the official address or submitted to the WISH in person.

2. Bank Details:
Account Number: 107-901406-2
Payee Name: The Hindu Hub Limited
Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank Limited Singapore (Swift/BIC: DBSSSGSG)


Tuition Refund Policy

WISH Refund Policy: Refunds are available to students who have withdrawn from WISH. The withdrawal date shall be determined by the appropriate Official. Refunds upon dismissal or suspension are same as for voluntary withdrawal and are based on the following:

Withdrawal Time FramePercentage of Tuition Fees
First 3 days of beginning of semester 100%
4 to 7 days 90%
1 to 3 weeks 80%
3 to 5 weeks 50%
After 5 weeks 0%


For any extenuating circumstances, a student is advised to contact the WISH Student Affairs Administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at the earliest explaining the personal circumstances.
All dues must be paid before a certificate can be awarded.