Announcement: Launch of the World Institute for Hinduism (WISH)

Announcement: Launch of the World Institute for Hinduism (WISH)

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People in Singapore and possibly around the world, will have the opportunity to learn Hinduism in a structured manner from 2016. The Hindu Hub (Singapore) has launched an academic wing, called the World Institute for Hinduism (WISH) to cater to the growing need for credible and professional learning of Hinduism.

Learning on the go

WISH has multiple departments covering areas such as Philosophy, Yoga, Hindu Psychology & Counselling, Sanskrit, Vedic Management & Leadership, and Vedic Sciences. Most of its courses will be delivered via an online platform as this will enable the students to learn from any location around the globe. There will be courses from certificate levels all the way up to doctorate programs.

Collaboration with the Hindu University of America

The Hindu Hub (THH) has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Hindu University of America (HUA) from Florida, USA ( to provide the latter’s programs in South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. With this partnership, passionate individuals can obtain Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Hindu related subjects at the comfort of their home without compromising on the quality of the programme. The MOU, signed by the Directors of The Hindu Hub and the President of the Board of the Hindu University of America is the first formal agreement signed by HUA with an organisation in South East Asia. The MOU also provides a framework for collaboration in teaching and joint research.

A new Beginning

One of the Directors of THH, Sunita Rai, shared that: “It is a great need in Singapore and around the world to create traditional Hindu scholarship. This can only happen if more organisations promote and provide Hindu Education in an academic platform. With the increasing interest around the world to preserve Sanatana Dharma, the directors at THH felt that it was our Dharma to meet this need. The affiliation with HUA is indeed a momentous occasion for us as they have great programs along with reputable scholars and are ever willing to share expertise and resources to grow Hindu scholarship. We look forward to actively engaging the scholars, teachers and researchers from HUA to grow the Hindu academic learning in Singapore, South East Asia and ANZ. We are confident that all people including practitioners of Hinduism will benefit from this collaboration.”

The HUA Vice-President, Abhinav Dwivedi said: “Hindu University of America (HUA) is very happy to see The Hindu Hub providing a very valuable service to the people in Singapore and SE Asian region. HUA is proud to welcome The Hindu Hub as its one of the upcoming affiliated institutions for academic collaborations. I am sure those who are interested in learning about various aspects of the Hindu view and way of life through its arts, sciences, philosophies, darshans, traditions and practices etc. will immensely benefit. Please accept our best wishes.”

Moving forward

The Hindu Hub plans to actively engage Hindu organisations in this region to partner them in providing platforms for learning Hinduism. More details will be announced in the near future. Please visit the WISH website ( for more information. Till then, keep a lookout for progressive updates on the various programs that will be launched by WISH.

The Hindu Hub is a non-profit spiritual organization committed to develop a prosperous and knowledgeable Hindu Community in Singapore and around the world. The organisation's principles are guided by the philosophy of the Vedas and its allied scriptures. We endeavour to make a difference to the world through community education in Hinduism, social service projects, academic pursuits in Hinduism and building Hindu business support networks. Our dream is a thriving, generous and confident Hindu community whose members are well grounded in Vedic wisdom and spiritual practices, committed to a life of Dharma and dedicated to success in one's life and others. (

Hindu University of America, Inc. (HUA) is a Florida, US based higher educational institution, established in 1989 offering various online academic programs leading to masters and doctoral degrees in various aspects of Hindu Studies. It also offers non-degree programs and, certificate and diploma programs. It is open to people of all nationalities, religions, colors, and races worldwide” (

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Kathirasan is the Honorary Dean of WISH.  He is a passionate teacher of Hindu and Yoga Philosophy and highly respected for his knowledge and discourses on these subjects. He has conducted numerous workshops for youths, couples, families, groups and the…

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